MagicJack Plus Installation And Setup

I bought a MagicJack Plus a couple of months ago, because I was sick and tired of leaving my computer on all the time. With the new MagicJack Plus, I can plug it directly into an electric wall socket, instead of my computer, and as long as you’re close enough to plug a Cat 5 cable from your modem or router, you’re set.

The only thing I didn’t like was that I still had to plug it into my computer to activate it. While that’s usually no big deal, my new computer is a pain and spent a whole lot of time blocking it’s access to the internet. I finally had to shut off all my anti-virus and ad blocker type softwares to get it to load and work.

Once the software popped up, I logged into My MagicJack and set up the phone number I wanted to use with it. I have a bunch of numbers, so i just used the drop down list and chose one, but you also have the option of picking a new one or porting over your old telephone number.

Here’s a short video I did that goes through the steps:

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