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VoIP Dropped Calls

Question: We have VoIP service and are noticing that we are getting dropped calls more frequently than in the past. Many times we can hear the other person but they cannot hear us. Do you have any knowledge of … Continue reading

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Vonage Class Action Settled For $4.75 Million

If you had VoIP phone service prior to January 3, 2011, you might want to head over to the Vonage Settlement site and see if you’ve got any money coming back from Vonage. The settlement was agreed to by both … Continue reading

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Vonage Offering Unlimited Calling To Mobile Phones In 42 Countries

For some reason lately, this is becoming the “Vonage Blog Network“. The last bunch of VoIP posts have been about Vonage, and no one else… So, here we go again. Vonage announced today that they are increasing the number of … Continue reading

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Vonage Extends Free Calling to Japan

Vonage is continuing their offer of free calls to Japan for their home phone service customers. According to a press release they sent out on the 18th, they said “in light of the continued uncertainty in Japan, [we] will continue … Continue reading

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Vonage Offers Free Calling to Japan

Vonage is letting their users call Japan for free for the next week. The free calling started at 5:30 PST tonight, and will continue until 5:30 PDT next Friday night. So, if you’ve got family and friends in Japan, and … Continue reading

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MagicTalk Beta is Live Get Free International Calling to the United States

MagicTalk Beta is live and doing well, but you still need to upgrade to a full MagicJack account to be able to call landline phones or cell phones. With the MagicTalk service, you get a fake phone number that starts … Continue reading

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Google Voice Long Distance

If you are thinking about using Google Voice for your long distance service, remember that it works like a dial around service, and you will have to dial more than one number to make the call go through. Here are … Continue reading

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Grandstream GXV3175 Multimedia IP Phone

Grandstream has released their new multimedia IP phone, and it’s cool. The new GXV3175 IP Phone comes with a built in 7 inch touch screen that gives you access to everything from the internet, to video conferencing, to the ability … Continue reading

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MagicTalk Beta: Free International Calls

MagicTalk Beta is finally out, and if you want to use it to make free international calls, you can until January 1, 2011, but those calls can only be to other MagicTalk and MagicJack users. If you want to use … Continue reading

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Android™ Tablets And VoIP

Are Androidâ„¢ Tablets VoIP enabled? That’s one of the questions we’re hearing a lot lately, and the answer is??? Hmmm, I suppose! Any tablet that is running the Android system, in theory, should be able to run VoIP apps, or … Continue reading

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