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With toll free phone service, your customers or family can call you without having to pay for the call. 800 toll free service is very important for a business to have in this day and age because it gives you a wider reach and shows you take your customer's needs into account. Toll free service is also great if you have kids away at school or you travel a lot. With most of the toll free service providers below, you can make state to state toll free calls for less than 3 cents per minute, which is a whole lot cheaper than the $1.00 to $3.00 per minute some companies charge for a collect call these days.

Toll Free Service Telephone Companies

Pioneer Telephone Service (2.7¢ or 3.25¢):
Pioneer Telephone offers state to state long distance phone service for 3.25¢ per minute when billed in 6 second increments, and 2.7¢ per minute when bill in full minute increments. Pioneer Telephone's international rates are good. This service is available to businesses and residential customers. Pioneer Telephone offers the option of paying by credit card or by check for your phone service. Pioneer's PICC Fee is $4.21 per line per month. Pioneer's toll-free number fee is $0.99 per toll free number per month.

Opex Long Distance Service (2.7¢):
Opex Communications offers business and residential customers long distance service for only 2.7¢ per minute state to state. Opex is billed in 6 second increments on commercial accounts and the same for residential users. They give you the option of paying by credit card or check. Opex also offers calling cards and has a Spanish website: Opex En Espaņol. Opex's business PICC Fee is $3.25 per line per month, with the first line being free of charge each month. Their toll free service is $2.00 a month for the first line and $0.53 a month for each additional toll free line.

Powernet Global Telephone Service (3.9¢):
PowerNet Global's calling plans are available for both business and residential users and start at only 3.9¢ per minute. This service offers six second billing and is direct billed with your choice of paper bill or e-bill and 24 hour live customer support. Powernet Global's PICC Fee is $4.31 per line per month for business accounts only, but the first line is free each month. With Powernet Global, toll free numbers are free and toll free calls are billed at the same price as their regular outbound long distance calls.

Toll Free Numbers For Your Cell Phones:
Kall8 offers toll free 800 service that rings anywhere. This follow-me service can be set up to ring to your cell, business or residential phone. At only 6.9¢ per minute, this is a great option for the busy businessman/woman who needs their customers to be able to reach them, toll free, anywhere.

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