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TCI: Total Call International

TCI offer long distance telephone service for state to state calling for 3 cents per minute. their calls are billed in 6 second increments, which can save users a substatial amount of money when compared to companies that charge in full minute increments.

TCI offers toll free accounts for $1.00 per month for the first toll free 800 number, and 50¢ per month for each additional toll free number. Toll free calls coming into you 800 line are charged at the same low rates that you pay for outgoing long distance calls. Customers of TCI are never charged for making toll free calls to toll free numbers other than their own.

PICC fees charged by TCI are some of the lowest in the industry and can save business customers quite a bit of money off of their monthly phone bill. The PICC fee on the first business line is free, and then it is only $2.75 per business line after that. There is never a PICC fee charged to residential customers.

Visit Total Call's website for more information and to order long distance phone service from TCI. They're a good company, and almost 100% of my customers who have signed up with them are still with them and happy.

Total Call International Ordering Video

This video give step-by-step instructions on how to order Total Call's long distance phone service online. It shows you what to put in each blank, and explains what information is required for you to become a Total Call International customer.

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