Verizon Landline Service In New Jersey

The landline phone service offered by Verizon in New Jersey is going downhill. Not only has Verizon lost over 4 million landline customers in New Jersey in the last 10 years, but the ones they still have are complaining of lower quality telephone service, as Verizon switches it’s focus from copper wire customers, to it’s digital phone customers.

According to the New Jersey Spotlight, the New Jersey Public Utilities Commission has received a huge increase in customer complaints related to the wireline services offered by Verizon. Most of the complaints deal with an increase in phone service outages, as well as low call quality. While Verizon would like to get rid of it’s wireline headache altogether, and replace that service with their digital products, they can’t do so until the FCC issues a time to die order for landline phone service.

Phone companies, like AT&T, started asking the FCC to let them discontinue landline phone service years ago, but the FCC still hasn’t done so. It will be interesting to see if Verizon spends some money to upgrade their wireline system, or just ignores the New Jersey Utilities Commission, and lets their wireline service fall into further disrepair.

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