LifeLine Phone Assitance Programs

Free Phone Service For Low Income Families

The FCC's Lifeline Assistance Program lowers the cost of local telephone service for some low income families in the United States. Qualified low income residents can save between $5.25 per month and $10.00 per month. Consumers may also qualify for an additional $3.50 per month in matching support from their state. Also, low income residents living on tribal lands may be eligible for an additional $25.00 per month.

It should be noted that Lifeline is also available for wireless phone service; if you choose that instead of a wired phone. The same benefits and restrictions apply as they do for regular wired phone service.

Home telephone service providers for low income families is a mirror site of, which is run by the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC). While the USAC does maintain a list of federal requirements for the Lifeline and Link-Up programs, they do not maintain an accurate list of state programs. Below is a list of websites that contain information on each state's link-up or Lifeline programs. A few of the state's below do not have their own Afford-A-Phone type programs. If you live in one of those states, please just see the federal requirements at

Alabama Public Service Commission Telecommunications Division
Regulatory Commission of Alaska
Arizona Telecommunications Financial Aid
Arkansas Public Service Commission: Telecommunications
The Arkansas Department of Human Services verifies eligibility and you should contact DHS at (800) 482-8988 if you have eligibility questions.
California Universal Lifeline Telephone Service
Colorado Public Utilities Commission Special Programs
Connecticut Department of Public Utility Control
Delaware Public Service Commission
District of Columbia Utility Discount Programs
Florida Lifeline and Link-Up Florida Service
Georgia Utility Assistance Programs
Hawaii Public Utilities Commission
Idaho Public Utilities Commission
Illinois Universal Telephone Service Assistance Programs (PDF Format)
Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission: Communications
Iowa Low Income Telephone Assistance Forms (PDF Format)
Kansas Lifeline Program
Kentucky Low Income Service Programs (PDF Format)
Louisiana Public Service Commission
Maine Public Utilities Commission
Maryland Public Service Commission: Telecommunications
Massachusetts Department of Telecommunications and Energy
Michigan Lifeline Telephone Assistance Program
Minnesota Telephone Assistance Programs
Mississippi Public Service Commission
Missouri Lifeline and Link-Up Brochure (PDF Format)
Montana Public Service Commission
Nebraska Telephone Assistance programs
Nevada Public Utilities Commission
New Hampshire Telephone Assistance Programs
New Jersey Board of Public Utilities
New Mexico Public Regulation Commission
New York Telephone Service Options
North Carolina Consumer Information
North Dakota Link-up and Lifeline info (PDF Format)
North Dakota Tribal Lands Link-up and Lifeline info (PDF Format)
Ohio Lifeline Programs (PDF Format)
Oklahoma Lifeline Telephone Assistance Programs
Oregon Public Assistance Programs
Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission
Puerto Rico Telecommunications Regulatory Board
Rhode Island Division of Public Utilities and Carriers and the Public Utilities Commission
South Carolina Lifeline and Link Up Programs
South Dakota Telephone Assistance Programs (PDF Format)
Tennessee Telephone Assistance Programs
Texas Low Income Assistance Programs
Utah Telephone Assistance Program
Vermont Lifeline and Link-Up Application and Information (PDF Format)
Virginia State Corporation Commission
Washington Telephone Assistance Program
West Virginia Utility Bill Payment Assistance
West Virginia Tel-Assistance & Link-Up America
Wyoming Telephone Assistance Program (PDF Format)
Wisconsin Lifeline and Linkup Programs (PDF Format)

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