Calling Cards & Dial Around Services

Dial around calling plans work just like regular long distance service, except you have to dial a few extra numbers before each call. Dial around plans usually offer much cheaper instate rates, and you can use a dial around long distance phone plan without changing your current long distance carrier. So, if you are paying through the nose for instate long distance service, try a dial around today and save a bundle.

Just remember, pretty much any calling card can be used for dial around purposes. Most cards can be set up on the speed dial on your home, or business, telephone, and then used to make local, or long distance, calls.

Speedy Pin
Get cheap phone cards by ordering them through Speedypin's super fast website and email delivery system. Have your card emailed to you in minutes.

$0.009 Prepaid Cards
Phoneshark keeps track of your orders and lets you log into your account at any time and reprint your phone cards. So, if you are the type that loses your stuff, this is the company for you.

Nobelcom Phone Cards
Nobelcom has prepaid phone cards with pinless dialing and no connection fees. their cards are also rechargeable.

IBNTel Dial Around
IBNtel offer dial around and calling card services starting at 2.3 cents per minute.

Phone Cards from IBNIntertel
IBNtel offers one of the cheapest post paid telephone cards around. At just 3.9¢ per minute in the US and Canada, this card can save you or your business a ton of money.

Accudial Calling Card
This is a post paid calling card that can be used to lower your monthly phone bill. Use it to call overseas or to make instate long distance calls, if your telecom provider charges more. This card is billed to your credit card after you use it.

KallCents Dial Around
KallCents is a discount dial around company with special rates and deals for Washington residential users.

Flextel One
Flextelone's dialaround service is 7.9¢ from Canada to the United States, and 5.9¢ per minute for dial around calls made within the lower 48 states.

AccuGlobal Calling Card
Accuglobe uses 100% digital fiber-optic lines. Accuglobe's goal is to provide you with affordable, crystal-clear calling cards, convenient options and the best rates on easy to use calling cards. Small business owners, large corporations and residential customers can save a lot on international calling card services through AccuGlobe.

FlextelOne Calling Card
Discount, post paid calling card service for 5.9¢ per minute.

Powerdial from Powernet Global
Powernet Global's Powerdial offers customers the ability to dial around their current carrier to save money when calling within higher rate centers. Sign up today!

CogniDial Calling Card
You can use the Cognidial calling card for all your calling needs. Use it as a dial around service, a corporate phone card billed to your business credit card or just keep it in your purse for emergencies. Order yours today!

Cogni-Call Phone Card
Cognicall can also works as a dial around service. This service is part of your CogniCall account. You do not need to enter the 14 digit calling card access codes when you use you card from phones that you have added to your account. Just log into your online account access page, and add the numbers you want to call from, but don't weant to have to enter you PIN number from.

PNG Calling Cards
Powernet Global's rates from the United States to Puerto Rico are only 5¢ per minute.

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