Consumer Telephone Service Information

There is lots of telecommunications information out there that most consumer's don't know anything about but should, such as how 911 works through the cell phone system or how the inmate telephone system works. Or, if you really want to know, how 900 numbers work. There is lots of great information here, and we hope this information proves useful to you.

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Afford-A-Phone Telephone Assistance Programs:
If you qualify, you could receive help form federal and state governments with your regular wired telephone service, or your wireless telephone service.

900 Telephone Numbers:
900 numbers are numbers used for pay per use services, from sports and chat lines to the ever popular "sex" lines.

211 Community Services:
Dialing 211 in many states will put you directly into the health and human services system so that you can get help fast when you need it.

Phone Number Portability:
Can you keep your old phone number when you move or do you have to get a new one?

Universal Service Fund Fee:
What the heck is the USF FEE, the FUSF FEE, the UCF FEE etc...? Guess what, they are all the same thing and they put money back into rural communities.

Lifeline Telephone Assistance Program:
Receive up to $10.00 per month off the price of your telephone service if you qualify.

Link Up America Telephone Assistance Program:
Receive up to 50% off the price of telephone installation if you qualify for this low income FCC program. This program is administered by the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC).