iMeet® is a simple, elegant, wide-open space where you can get together any time. It’s your own personal meeting room where you can see everyone and learn more about them. Simply put, iMeet® is the best parts of conference calling, video conferencing, and social networking, all cleaned-up and ready for business. What is their goal? Do away with soul-sucking meetings and make get-togethers as enjoyable as possible. After all, great things can happen when we’re all in the same room. iMeet® is the brainchild of PGi, a company who’se hosted over 100,000,000 minutes for 70% of the Fortune 100.

You can have your own meeting room online. You can talk through your computer from anywhere in the world. Or connect to any phone or mobile device at no extra charge. Invite guests – up to 15 at a time. It’s free for them. No downloads or headaches.

  • Video conferencing from anywhere to anywhere.
  • Enterprise quality audio to any phone including mobile. *No extra charge.
  • Talk through your computer from anywhere in the world.
  • Store and share your media, files and presentations.
  • Free for guests. No downloads.

Show your stuff
Kick things off with cool video or great pictures. Or dive right in to your awe-inspiring presentation deck. With iMeet®, it’s painfully simple to share just about anything

Email files straight to your room
Need to show something to the crew? Email it right in.

Invites are easy
Grab a guest by phone, email, text or IM in a snap. Tell them you’re holdingtheir spot.

Always free for guests. And for only $69 for hosts.
Why use lame web conferencing when you can get your very own room for $69 a month?

For $69 a month, a host gets unlimited toll domestic dial in and dial out access, including softphone access. Domestic guests always connect for free. International guests connect free via softphone.

iMeet rooms are used for all kinds of get-togethers. From small internal team huddles to big global management meetings and everything in between, business people everywhere use their iMeet rooms to bring teams together in more dynamic, human ways.

Room Host – Using Your iMeet Room
A Room Host is someone who has their own iMeet room. They have a personal iMeet Web Address (Room URL) where they can invite Guests to get together.
While all iMeet rooms have the same basic layout, an iMeet Host has a few extra buttons and tools that Guests don’t. For example, Hosts have an Invite button to round-up Guests and Mute/Unmute controls for the room.

An iMeet room is a personal online meeting space where people can get together.
You can enter an iMeet room as a Host, meaning you have your own iMeet room, or as a Guest, if a Host invited you to their iMeet room.
Every Host has their own room (or multiple rooms) with their own personal iMeet Web address (URL). This is where Hosts have their iMeetings and the web address Guests go to.

All iMeet rooms have the same basic layout, though Room Hosts have a few extra buttons and tools that Guests don’t.

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Avaya B149 Conference Phone

An Overview of the Avaya B149 Conference Phone

The Avaya B149 Conference Phone

Avaya B149 Conference Phone

The Avaya B149 is an analog conference phone. It’s designed to be simple to use, yet a valuable tool for your business’s operations. When you want great sound, and the most important functions in an analog conference calling phone, the B149 is a good choice. It’s also ideal for larger conference settings with the addition of optional expansion microphones, which effectively double the voice pickup range.

The Avaya B149 Conference Phone comes with:

  • AC Adapter 14V DC
  • 25 foot Dual Power/Analog Line Cable

Setting up the Avaya B149

Connect the Avaya B149 to an analog line via the Dual Power/Analog Line Cable. Plug it into the power outlet using the power adapter.

Place the conference phone in the middle of the table. The first time the Avaya B149 is started, you will be required to select the region in which you are located and the language you wish to use. Once selected, click “OK” to confirm your selections.

Phone Features


  • LED Indicators
  • Powerful Speakers – for optimal sound broadcasting
  • 360 degree Microphone – with surround sound pick up
  • Display Screen – shows the time and date, call status and timer and menu options
  • Keypad – with alpha-numerical buttons and additional function buttons
  • SD Memory Card Port – for easy call recording

On the bottom of the phone:

  • Analog line connection
  • Power supply port
  • Expansion microphone port
  • Security lock port

Buttons available on your conference phone:

  • The “MENU” button
  • The Avaya Menu contains the following options:
  • Phone book
  • Settings
  • Conference Guide
  • Recording
  • Status


  • The “UP and DOWN” Arrows
  • Allow you to navigate through menus
  • From the idle phone, they also display call lists
  • The “Mute” Button
  • When the phone is muted, the indicators are solid red


  • The “HOLD” Button
  • When a call is on hold, the indicators will flash red
  • The “Phone Book” Button
  • The Phone book holds up to 50 entries
  • The “Conference” Button
  • Calling Conference Groups
  • To make a conference group call, press the conference button and select the Conference group you want to call
  • Press OK when the first person has answered
  • Continue for each person in the group
  • Press C if one of the persons you are trying to call does not answer
  • The conference guide will ask you if you want to redial that person
  • If Yes, press OK. If No, press C
  • You will be asked if you want to end the conference guide or continue to the next person
  • Press OK to continue or C to end the guide
  • When the guide has ended, you will be connected with up to 6 people and ready to start your conference
  • Instant conference calls
  • To make an instant conference call, press the conference button
  • Select “INSTANT” and press OK to confirm
  • Follow the conference guide but this time, you have to dial the number of each participant
  • Recording
  • It is possible to record a phone conference on an SD memory card. Perfect for when you want to document and archive a meeting or play it back to people who are unable to attend.A flashing symbol appears on the display screen during recording. A beep is heard every 20 seconds so that other parties in the call know it is being recorded.
  • The document is saved and named after the time at which the recording began and is saved in a folder with the current date.
  • To start the recording, press the “Record/C” button for 2 seconds and press OK to confirm
  • The recording symbol flashes on the display screen
  • Press the “Mute” button during a call to turn the microphone off
  • The LED’s will change from blue to red
  • The other party cannot hear what you are saying and only the called party is recorded
  • Pressing the “HOLD” button during the call will turn off both the microphone and the speaker
  • The LED’s change from blue to flashing red
  • None of the parties will now be recorded
  • To end the recording, press the “Record/C” button for 2 seconds and press OK to confirm
  • The recording symbol is no longer displayed.

The Avaya B149 Conference Phone is very easy to use, just connect the Avaya B149 to an analog line and a power outlet, and you’re ready to go. This phone is ideal for office environments as well as small to medium sized conference rooms, and features high quality sound and recording capability. Visit for more information on this phone and other Avaya conferencing phones.

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Conference Calling from Bow Communications

Bow Communications is offering conference calling for 3.9 cents per minute in the United States and Canada. Bow’s Conference calling offers pay as you go toll free conference call services for the same low 3.9 cent price, on a per minute, per person basis, and they don’t have any set up fees.

Bow Communication’s conference call lines are fiber optic, not VoIP, so you can expect very high quality call clarity at VoIP pricing. They’ve been in business for over 20 years, so give them a call if you’re looking for high quality, low cost, conferencing. Here’s more conference calling information sent over from John Bow, of Bow Communications, telling about his services and their free trial accounts.

Visit for more information about conference calling, business VoIP services and virtual office attendant services.

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Tele-Town Hall Comes to the Corporate World

Tele Town Hall® is a company that provides the political world with the ability to hold live political presentations with their constituents, on a short notice basis. The service can dial out to constituents and play them a short message asking them to stay on the line and participate in a “Town Hall” type presentation, where they will have the ability to ask questions and participate in real-time polls.

The Tele Town Hall system is now being expanded to the corporate world in the form of a new product called Tele-Boardroom™. Tele-Boardroom will offer businesses the ability to communicate with their employees, board members, or stock holders in real time, and with short notice if needed. According to the Tele-Boardroom press release sent out on march 1, 2011,

Our service enables the CEO of a large company, or the Vice President of an entire division, to interact live with thousands –even millions– of his or her employees in minutes from the comfort of an office, or even a home office,”

The product looks cool, because you can do a live video stream on the web at the same time as your presentation is going on, allowing users who have web access, the chance to watch the presentation live via their smartphones, tablets, or computers. The person putting on the presentation can even ask poll type questions, and watch the answers roll in on their web-based control interface in real-time, as the listeners vote via their phones. I can see a ton of uses for this technology in the business world, and can’t wait to try the product out.

I’ll add more information after I’ve seen the product in action. If you’re interested in comparing traditional and toll free conference calling plans, visit for more information.

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International Toll Free Conference Calling

Do you need to have an international conference call with your Tech guys in India or Hong Kong? Would you like to being able to set up an international conference call in minutes for a meeting with your people in the UK, Germany, Russia and China? Even better, how about sending toll free conference calling invitations to prospective clients around the world. Now you can with toll free international conference calling from The Conference Group™.

With full service international toll free conference calling starting at 4.9¢ per minute for users in the lower 48 states, and internationally dialed toll free numbers only being charged a per minute up-charge based on their country of origin, this conference calling plan makes you look good AND saves you money. And, to top it off, a credit card is not required to sign up for service.

Visit our international toll free conference calling page for more information, or sign up directly on The Conference Group’s order page.

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Conference Calling Blog is getting a conference calling blog, since I’m getting lots of questions about conference calling, especially since it’s so much cheaper than flying. With the downturn in the economy, flying a bunch of people to meetings just doesn’t make sense anymore, especially when you can get video conferencing if you really need to see if they’re sweating during negotiations… LOL

With conference calling ranging in price from free to 25 cents or more per minute, it’s hard to know which service to sign up for. What I’m going to try to do here is list the pros and cons of services as they come out, and then link to a page on the site that has all of the specs for the plan you’re reading about. This way you should have an idea if you’re getting the services you need, for the number of callers you need them for, and whether or not the price is a fair one.

For example, did you know that most free conference calling services use a really nasty workaround that ends up costing other phone companies a bunch of money and increases your phone bill (Check out this Free Conference Calling Case from the FCC website.)? What they do is contact a CLEC (Competitive Local Exchange Carrier, AKA: Local Phone Company ) who is crooked/shady/dwelling in the gray etc… , and they set up their conference calling service to terminate in that CLEC’s local area. Local phone companies can set their own termination rates, which means that they can charge a per minute rate to phone companies that terminate a call in their local area. So, if they set the termination rate to 50 cents per minute, the phone company that carried the call into their fiefdom gets charged that rate, but they can’t charge their customer more than their advertised rate or plan rate. So, they lose money and their customer’s rates have to go up over time to cover the cost of these types of calls.

When all of this is said and done, and the money is collected, the “crooked/gray/shady” Competitive Local Exchange Carrier and the “Free Conference Call Provider” split the money from the termination leg of the call. Isn’t that nice?

Stay tuned for more information about conference calling services, video conferencing, webinars and other types of conference calling services.

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