Toll Free Conference Calling Providers

Save Your Business Money on Conferences and Travel Expenses With Conference Calling Services

2.5¢ Conference Calling: Reservationless, 24/7, conference calling. Only pay for the minutes you use with no contracts, setup fees or monthly minimums.

  1. U.S. and International Toll-Free dial-in phone numbers.
  2. Secure nine-digit participant and leader passcodes.
  3. Conference with up to 99 participants. (With options for more with full service plan.)
  4. Access to ReadyShow® Web to publish PowerPoint™ documents or share your desktop.
  5. For added securety, participants will hear music until the leader joins the conference.
  6. Entry tones and exit tones will chime as callers join and leave a conference.
  7. All conferences will be disconnected once the last leader hangs up.
  8. Available leader features include: Lecture Mode (*5), Mute (*6), and Lock Conference (*7) to prohibit additional callers from joining a call.

With the price of travel always on the rise, conference calling is the wave of the future. Never worry about travel safety or the high cost of business meetings again. We have conference call providers offering plans starting at 2.5 ¢ per minute for small conferencing plans, to 4.9¢ per minute for full service conference calling plans, and that's over a regular phone line, not VoIP, with conference calling providers offering plans going all the way up to 9.9¢ a minute.

These plans come with many of the conferencing features you want and need for your business or family conferences. These include local and toll free conference call numbers, lecture modes, mute/unmute, dial out, conference call recording, and toll free dial in numbers. Not all of these features are available with all of the below conference calling plans. Compare the list of features and price listed below to find the conference calling service that's right for you.

Conference Call Providers: Business and Residential Conference Calling Plans

2.5¢2.5¢ Toll Free Conference Calling
Get toll free conference calling for 99 people or less, without a contract, with instance access codes, for only 2.5 cents per minute.
4.9¢The Conference Group
Get instant access to toll free, reservationless, conference calling for only 4.9 cents per minute. As soon as you sign up for an account, you will be given instant access to toll free conference call service with many additional features to help make your conference call a successful one.
4.9¢International Toll Free Conference Calling
Get international toll free conference calling starting at 4.9 cents per minute for the US leg. This service offers toll free conference calling numbers in over 50 countries, so you can set up a conference call to meet with your biggest customers, or your largest suppliers. Sign up for international toll free conference calling today!
  • Conference Manager - Add or delete PIN's and access all of your conference information.
  • Schedule Calls - Schedule one-time use conferences or apply expiration dates.
  • Outlook Plugin - Use our Outlook Plugin to automate your conference call setup.
  • Permission Based Users - Create users that will have unique access to your account online.
  • Multiple Access Codes - Create customized Moderator, Speaker and Participant codes for your conference.
  • Multiple Conferences - Setup multiple "rooms" to host different conferences simultaneously and stay organized.
  • Call Security/PIN options: Create custom pin codes to increase security and track caller ID's.
  • Event Planning - We'll schedule your conference, create custom registration pages, and send email reminders.
  • Registration Pages - Save time and gather important information about your callers. Publicly post conference details online.
  • Hold Music / Greeting - Create a pre-recorded greeting or upload your own hold music.
  • Transcription: Send recordings to be transcribed (Medical and Legal transcription available).
  • Online Billing: Access all of your billing information and make payments online.
  • Account Codes: For companies with unique billing needs and for high-security calls.
  • Download Call Data: Receive a complete summary of your conference activity after each call.
  • Recording - Digital recording with immediate download. Forgetful? Use Auto-Record.
  • Recording Playback - Enable participants to call and listen to a pre-recorded conference.
  • Live call screen: View callers and access moderate controls via the Internet.
  • Pre-Conference/ Green Room - Review last-minute details in a private "green room" before starting your conference.
  • Q & A Controls - Moderate a Question & Answer people when participants "raise their hand."
  • Insightt Web Conferencing - Share PowerPoint, host a poll and text-chat with participants.
  • Star Commands - Use 10 different phone commands that will activate various features.
  • International Out-dial - Invite callers from all over the world to join your call live.
  • Web Out-dial - Invite callers from all over the world to join your call live.

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