Ping4 Pusher App

Ping4 is releasing an app that pushes emergency alerts to your phone once you cross into the the alert’s geographical boundary area. Agencies that have purchased the ability to push data, can enter their information, and a geographical boundary into the system, and when someone with the Ping4 app crosses into that geographical area, the message gets pushed to their phone.

This can be used in many ways, from alerting a whole town that their electricity will be out for 4 hours, or that the river is flooding, to letting people at the local football game know that little Johny is lost. There are a ton of “GOOD” uses for this product, but it can also be used for “EVIL”. LOL

Companies can buy the services of Ping4 to deliver messages to their customers when they cross the store’s boundaries. While little messages about turning off your headlights and locking your car door might be OK, I think it will desensitize people to the app, if it goes off every time they get near a commercial establishment. If it’s going off all the time, people will start ignoring it, and it will then lose it’s value as an early warning system for real emergencies.

How much do you want to bet, that once the system is up and running nationwide, Billybob, and his cousins, the evil hacker twins, will figure out some way to send ads to everyone in the world who has the app? I mean, how cool would it be to stick your affiliate code in an email/text/video message, and send it to 22 million people? I’m pretty sure it would generate some health commissions…

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