Cell Phone Coverage Maps

Sometimes it’s a pain to find cell phone coverage maps for all the major carriers in one place, so i decided to make a list of all the coverage map links. I’m sure it’s been done before, but there’s no reason why I shouldn’t have one for my readers, so they don’t have to wander around the net like lost puppies. LOL

  • Sprint Coverage Map Page includes Voice, Data and Direct Connect Maps.
  • Verizon Coverage MapThis map includes information on Voice, Messaging, Data, 4G, Push to Talk and Prepaid cell phone coverage.
  • AT&T Coverage MapPage includes Domestic and International maps, as well as maps covering Voice, Data, GoPhone and SmartLimits.
  • T-Mobile coverage Map Broken down by 2G, 3G-4G and Prepaid and FlexPay maps.
  • Nextel Coverage Maps Does anyone know why there’s a separate Nextel map? I mean, hey, it’s sitting on the Sprint website, so why do they even bother pretending that Nextel still exists? But, if you’ve got a Nextel phone, you can check the above coverage map for Voice, Data and Direct Connect…

If you’re moving to a new area, and you’re thinking of getting new cell phone service, then make sure that you check with http://www.cellreception.com/ first to see which company has the best reception in that area. I checked with them to see who has the best reception in Walla Walla, where I live, it it came back with Verizon as being number one in the area. Since I’ve had service from most of the carriers in this area, I can tell you that they are correct… Verizon is the best in my area.


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