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Here is our list of the cheapest discount long distance calling plans in America. All of these plans are under 5¢ per minute, with 6 of them offering plans for less than 3¢ per minute. These telephone companies all use high quality digital lines like AT&T or MCI, they just charge a whole lot less for their services.

My favorite companies to deal with because of their good customer service and fast turn around time over the last 10 years have been Pioneer Telephone and Opex Communications. Opex was acquired by Total Call International last year, and they are doing a good job with customer service and provisioning also. If prices are close, I'd lean towards one of these companies.

Cheap Long Distance Phone Service Plans

Price Billing

All business and residential long distance customers are accepted unless otherwise noted. These are discount carriers using digital lines from Qwest, Global Crossings, AT&T, SBC and other large long distance carriers, so there is a delay of 2-10 days from the time the order is placed until your calls are actually routed over your discount provider's lines. The company that seems to have the fastest provisioning time is Pioneer in most cases.

(Please don't contact your local phone company unless asked to do so by your new carrier. These are discount carriers, and they use other phone companies PIC Codes. So, if you PIC yourself, you will end up as a customer of the underlying carrier instead of the discount carrier you wanted. (And Oh will it cost you more... Read the story about Self PICing about half way down the page.))

1.90¢60 Second

Pioneer Telephone (2.7¢ Per Minute To Non-Pioneer Customers In Other States.)
Pioneer will debit your credit card $10.00 upon sign up in order to validate the card. But, they do credit the full amount back to your account on your first invoice. (This is only if you provided a credit/debit card at sign up.)

If you opt to receive a paper bill instead of being billed online, and your bill is under $15 per month, there is a monthly minimum usage fee of 99¢ in the months that you don't use at least $15.00 in service. (With online billing the low usage fee is waived.)

2.30¢6 Second


IBNtel is one of the few companies that allow customers to sign up without giving out their social security number. To order service without a social security number, just fill all 0's in the SS# field. You will be required to prepay, or place a security deposit on the account, before it will be activated.

There is a billing fee of $1.95 if your usage is under $20 for a particular month. They also charge a $2.00 activation fee for every 800, 866, 877 or 888 number you order, but there are no monthly fees associated with the account.

All calls, both domestic and international, are billed in 6 second increments. Some international destinations, like Mexico, may have a 30 second minimum charge per call.

2.50¢6 Second

Enhanced Communications Group

ECG Communication's rate for business PIC-C fees is $3.50 per line with the first discounted to $0.00. PICC rates don't apply to residential phone service. ECG also charges 59¢ per month to recover other regulatory costs.

ECG has a refferal program which offers customers a chance to lower their long distance phone bill all the way to zero. Send your friends this link and have 5% of their telephone bill credited to yours.

2.70¢6 Second

Opex Discount Long Distance

There is a minimum usage fee of $2.00 in any month that your phone bill is less than $20.00. A toll free number is $2.00 a month for the first number and $0.53 a month for each additional number. Opex also offers both verified and non-verified Product Account Codes (PACs), which give you the option of keeping track of who is using your phone service by making them enter a code before making a long distance call.

3.00¢6 Second.

Total Call International
Total Call offers the best business calling plans due to their reduced fees and low cost instate and international calling rates. If you want to see what's required to sign up for Total Call International, watch the Total Call Video.

3.25¢6 Second

Pioneer Telephone Service
Everything is the same as with Pioneer's 2.7¢ phone service plan except that the service is billed in 6 second increments instead of the full minute billing associated with the lower priced plan.

3.50¢6 Second

ECG Long Distance
ECG offer good phone service for the price. ECG compares well to other phone service companies, and they have multiple plans to choos from.

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