10-10 Long Distance Dial Around Plans

1010 Number Are Really Just Dial Around Numbers

A 10-10-XXX number works by routing your call through the long distance company of your choice. Every long distance company in America has what is called a PIC Code. That PIC code is used by local telephone companies to route your call through the long distance telephone company of your choice. But, if you don't have a long distance company, or if you want to bypass your long distance company, you can dial another telephone company's PIC Code and just put a 101 in front of it. This will then route your call through a different long distance company. (A company's PIC code is actually the same as the last 4 digits of their 1010-XXX dial around number).

1010 Continued...

The biggest thing you need to know here though is that it is not a good idea to dial a company's PIC code, or 10-10 dial around number, unless you know what their rates are. It is OK to use one of the numbers advertised on TV, but it is a very bad idea to use a company's PIC Code if they don't advertise a discounted rate plan attached to it. If you dial a company's 1010XXX number without knowing the rates, you could be billed up to $3.00 or more per minute.

I had a customer in Florida once who decided to self PIC to MCI. All her calls were routed through MCI by using their 1010XXX number. Since she didn't sign up for a plan with MCI first, they charged her what are called "Casual User Rates". In the month that followed, she used 320 minutes of long distance service. When her bill came from MCI, it was over $500.00. And yes, she had to pay it. So, the moral of this story is be very careful using 1010 numbers, and never self PIC.

To make a telephone call using a 10-10 number, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Pick up the phone. (That's always a good start.)
  2. Dial 1010-XXX. Where XXX is the rest of the number.
  3. Then Dial the number as you regularly would. i.e. 1-555-555-5555.
  4. The end. Now wasn't that easy?

If you need cheap long distance service in a hurry, try using one of these 10-10 numbers.

Powernet Global Powerdial Dial Around Plan:
We used to have a list of a bunch of companies offering 1010 long distance service, but most of those companies went out of business. Now all we have left is Powerdial from powernet Global, and a zerocents dial around program that is $25.00 per month. The Powerdial plan is really the best, but they charge 6.4¢ per minute, which isn't exactly cheap any more. But, if you really want a dial around plan, this one has really great international rates.

These guys have a larger list of 1010 numbers that are still in use today. You might try them if you really want a new 1010 number.

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