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If you're looking for the best unlimited phone service in your area, use the rate tool at the top of the page. The pricing tool lists telephone service plans from cheapest to most expensive, and includes both regular landline long distance service, as well as internet phone service plans. If you have high speed internet service, please look at the plans offered by VoIPo and Phonepower first, since they offer unlimited local and long distance service in the US and Canada for less than $20 per month, and are even cheaper if you take them by the year.

VoIP Plans Price Description
Phonepower Logo $8.33 These guys actually have really great service, and one of the best plans.

Get 2 years of phone service, with 2 lines, for only $199.95.
VoIPo Logo $15.00 $15.00 per month for unlimited local and long distance phone service, or $129 for 2 years if you want the best deal, which comes out to only $5.38 per month. This includes everything you need to set up your phone service in minutes.
viatalk Logo $15.75 Just like VoIPo, this is a monthly plan that includes everything. Logo $19.95 is now owned by the same people who own Phonepower, so they're basically the same plan.

Long Distance Price Description
Pioneer Telephone Logo 2.7¢ Best customer service. Calls to other Pioneer customers, in other states, are only 1.9¢ per minute.
Opex Logo 2.7¢ 2.7¢ per minute for state to state long distance calls, 6 second billing, your own toll free number for only $2.00 per month and great customer service.
total Call International Logo 3¢ per minute. Good customer service. Cheap calls. Cheap international rates. Blog posts


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Multiple Phones With VoIP

If you have a VoIP phone system, and you haven’t wired it into your house yet, you should do that first. What you do is plug your VoIP router directly into one of your wall jacks, and then plug in … ...

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Cell Phone Coverage Maps

Sometimes it’s a pain to find cell phone coverage maps for all the major carriers in one place, so i decided to make a list of all the coverage map links. I’m sure it’s been done before, but there’s n...

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Cover Blocks Cell Phone Radiation

If you’ve been worried about your brain being fried by your cell phone, or your butt, if you keep it in your pocket, then worry no more. Pong has a line of cell phone covers that improve reception, wh...

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Seattle Phone Books

According to a story in the Seattle Times, 20% of Seattle’s residents and businesses have opted out of receiving phone books, and that’s just in the last year. According to the story, which was re-pos...

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Blocking Cell Phones In Prison

There is an article in the Baltimore Edition of CBS Local about keeping cell phones out of prisons. According to the story, the Maryland Department of Public Safety will attempt to: block covert inmat...

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Mobile VoIP To Replace Cell Minute Usage

As your cell phone’s data pipe gets fatter, there will be less and less reason to use your cell phone minutes, when you could be using a VoIP app to make your calls instead. As 4G broadband becomes mo...

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Verizon Landline Service In New Jersey

The landline phone service offered by Verizon in New Jersey is going downhill. Not only has Verizon lost over 4 million landline customers in New Jersey in the last 10 years, but the ones they still h...

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